American (usa)

我要找 ...

笔友, 普通约会,之后可能会结婚, 文化交流, 朋友关系 至 聊天. 
I am looking for someone I can enjoy talking to in both English and in Mandarin Chinese. (well, try to talk in Chinese, my Chinese isn't good) 


我来自 : China
省份 : Beijing
城市 : Beijing
生日 : 19 8月 1988
身高 : 179 cm
体重 : 85 kg
眼睛颜色 : 褐色
头发颜色 : 褐色
种族 : 白色人种
宗教信仰 : 信奉所有教派
体型 : 苗条
外貌 : 中等
饮酒 : 在社交场合喝酒
吸烟 : 非吸烟者
家庭状况 : 独身
子女 :
职业 : Talent Scout
语言 : 英语.


善良, 严肃, 活泼, 和蔼, 浪漫, 真诚, 单纯, 稳重, 有耐心, 健谈, 聪明, 善于交际, 坦率, 搞笑, 迷人, 开放 至 幽默.
I'm like a coin. Sometimes I am very silly, funny, and active, and sometimes I am quiet, reflective, serious, and sincere. But I am always funny. Or I always try to be funny. I am very ambitious and want to do a lot in my life. I also dedicate myself to my own personal morals, and to a good life.

我喜欢 ...

旅行, 电脑/网络, 游泳, 沙滩运动, 夜店/Disco, 宠物, 艺术, 购物, 电影, 音乐, 阅读, 跳舞, 运动, 吃饭, 看电视, 唱歌,卡拉OK, 自然, 家人 至 户外运动.
I always love trying new things and will never say no to a new activity or adventure. But I truly love film, chess, reading, learning, anthropology, adventuring, and have a general intense fascination with almost everything, which is coupled with an equally encompassing appreciation of things.