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普通约会,之后可能会结婚, 朋友关系, 寻求浪漫, 婚姻 至 聊天. 
My ideal match would be someone who is worldly and intellegent. They must enjoy life and have a curiousity about it. Someone who has a values system that defines who they are as a person. They also must have a sense of humor.Personally speaking, one of the things that I am looking for is a keen intellect. Someone who is somewhat sarcastic. Someone who can hold a conversation. Someone who can joke and laugh all night long. Another thing that I am  


我来自 : China
省份 : Guangdong
城市 : Guangzhou
生日 : 21 2月 1981
身高 : 188 cm
体重 : 69 kg
眼睛颜色 : 褐色
头发颜色 : 黑色
种族 : 黑色
宗教信仰 : 伊斯兰教/回教
体型 : 强壮
外貌 : 有魅力
饮酒 : 在社交场合喝酒
吸烟 : 非吸烟者
家庭状况 : 独身
子女 :
职业 : Business
语言 : 英语 至 其它.


善良, 严肃, 浪漫, 真诚, 单纯, 认真, 聪明, 善于交际, 挑剔, 坦率, 开放, 害羞 至 安静.
Thanks for stopping by! people describe me as a good dude with a big heart! IM 6'2 ft CHOCOLATE SKIN!i've herd teddy bear! i like to joke and i have a crazy sense of humor. i'm looking for the one who can make me laugh and smile. i believe that friendship is number one. if you don't have a friendship with communication then you are building on a swamp. i've been all over the world and i love to travel. i work crazy hours but i end up with al

我喜欢 ...

旅行, 电脑/网络, 沙滩运动, 夜店/Disco, 购物, 电影 至 音乐.